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Apart from the flexibility that can be gained with working at home or onsite the life of a virtual assistant, freelancer and/or social media facilitator can change regularly.

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Useful virtual assistant and business owner tools

Today I had fun with tungle and created my own account:  

This invaluable tool will be used to organise or attempt to organise my day.  After four weeks I will let you know how it went.  I also realised how important it is to save time for clients and developed a small link to digital voice recorders.  In Australia we are slightly restricted by our international trade agreements.  On the whole we are able to purchase most items online which is a great time saver.  If you are looking for suggested items have a look at this link:

Digital voice recorder

Greetings on Valentines Day = spike in demand for digital voice recorders

For a while I have been enjoying the pure sound of lovely digital audio made especially better by my new Dell desktop (drool) and my Olympus AS-5000 transcription kit. I am asked often to recommend and/or research digital voice recorders by clients and have often pointed them to sites where more than one digital voice recorder is profiled. One site is: iDictate

However honestly my preference is clearly Olympus. I also do use ExpressScribe and have no issue with the improved adaptability of this free product.   As iDictate mentions:

“stick with Olympus and you won’t go wrong

The bottom line is really when using such devices show the respect to the item it deserves…by this I mean speak clearly and make sure the sound is clear and concise. I have one client who is able to dictate with background noise such as trucks passing, wind turbines both of which are noisy however with the advancement in digital voice recorders you would think he was dictating from a sound-proof office rather than the inside of a vehicle. Besides highlighting the wonderful world of digital voice recorders I encourage end users to make informed decisions and stick with Olympus.

Great Digital Voice Recorder

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Are you curious about the cost ratio of a virtual assistant to an onsite assistant?

It often amazes me that business owners who really can do with a virtual assistant are soooo busy that they forget to think about the difference and benefits in pricing and usability of a virtual assistant. For instance have a look at the following calculator for contemplation and then take a proactive approach to saving your business money, time and resources.

Here is the calculator:

Compare the cost of working with COMPANY NAME to full-time, in-office assistance:

What is the actual cost of a full-time, in-office assistant?

Assume a minimum of $25 per hour at 40 hours per week.
Over the course of a year you’re spending $48,000 on salary alone.

Add in the cost of health insurance, taxes, 401K, etc. at approximately 30-40% of salary and you’re spending about $64,800 annually for your full time, in-house employee.

Don’t forget the less obvious, and difficult to quantify, expenses such as overhead related to time and money spent filling and training your position, the cost of computers and other office technology, office space, lunch hours, sick and vacation pay, and numerous wasted, non-productive hours on the clock.
Enter your current hourly rate for in-office assistance, or assume a minimum of $25 per.
$ hourly
x 40 hours
= $1,000 weekly
x 4 weeks
= $4,000 monthly
x 12 months
= $48,000
+ 35%
= $64,800+ annually

[+ lunch breaks, sick and holiday pay, office space, technology, non-productive hours]
Compare to the cost of working with a Virtual Assistant

With a Virtual Assistant you don’t pay for lunch hours, sick leave, or vacation pay; and there’s no such thing as paid down time because a VA invoices only for the exact time spent working on your projects. There’s no need to supply a Virtual Assistant with a computer or other expensive office equipment because a professional Virtual Assistant operates a fully functional home office. And, as an independent contractor, a Virtual Assistant handles their own taxes and benefits. There is no additional cost to you beyond the actual rate at which you contract your virtual service provider.

With a Virtual Assistant, you’re cutting overhead and increasing productivity because a VA works for you only if and when you require it. And, because a Virtual Assistant is skilled in providing virtual administrative services there is no training period, so you have more time for your own clients. To learn more about how COMPANY NAME can assist you, please contact us.
Enter the number of hours per week you will require of COMPANY NAME, or assume 20 hours per week.
$35 hourly
x hours
= $700 weekly
x 4 weeks
= $2,800 monthly
x 12 months
= $33,600 annually

[With a Virtual Assistant you never pay for taxes, benefits, lunch breaks, sick or holiday pay, technology, or non-productive hours because a VA is an independent contractor working from their own home office only if and when you require assistance.]
Get your own customized calculator
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After an intriguing weekend checking out WordPress and learning about alternatives to transcription software I am still convinced that perception and the ability to understand different cultures and be able to learn nuances and work as a team is very important to aide a recovering community.  The global financial crisis is being looked at as a negative issue instead of being embraced as a time to step back and learn from previous attitudes and benefit from skills and resources available now.

Given the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant / remote worker I am curious as to the reason why it seems to take Australian businesses longer to embrace this industry as an alternative to the constraints associated with employing an employee especially in seasonal downtimes and / or economic crises.  Surely the new award changes will shake up the industry and encourage personal assistants and the like to begin their own virtual assistant businesses.  We will be able to judge this in only four months.

Definition of virtual assistant versus freelancer

It continually amazes me that Australians tend to prefer the word “freelancer” to describe a virtual assistant and clearly most people in Australia do not know what a “virtual assistant” actually is or means.  Luckily the world is a much smaller place and the thriving virtual assistant businesses in America and elsewhere and slowly Australia are becoming noticed.  We are skilled, professional, interested in learning new skills and have an incredible amount of energy as business owners.